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Welcome to the Official Website of the leading plastic surgeon KOROBKOVA GEORGIA IGOREVICH - a highly qualified specialist in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Currently, Dr. Korobkov advises and conducts operations on the basis of plastic surgery clinics in Moscow. Education, professional training, the most advanced technology and many years of experience Dr. Korobkova offers a wide range of possibilities of plastic seamless surgery: SMAS plastic face and neck, rhinoplasty, eyelid plastic surgery, mammoplasty, as well as endoscopic surgery, liposculpture, minimally invasive technologies. 

About me

He received medical education as a surgeon. After graduating from the Academy, he chose the specialization of plastic surgery and began his work in residency of the Department of Plastic Reconstructive Microsurgery and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Russian Scientific Center of Surgery named after. acad. B.V. Petrovsky RAMS under the guidance of Academician N.O. Milanov, as a graduate student, he continued his scientific research in the field of facial surgery. Studying the topic of dissertation work under the guidance of the doctor of medical sciences А.S. Karayan, took part in the most complicated operations to eliminate injuries to the face, in particular the eye socket. In preparation for the defense of the thesis on "Evaluation of functional and aesthetic results of eliminating posttraumatic defects and orbital deformities with free bone autotransplants of membrane origin", the doctor was invented and subsequently patented device (orbitometr), which has no analogues in the world. Currently, he continues to study the topic of eye injury and ways to effectively eliminate them, is a Researcher of the Department of Dentistry and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.

The plastic surgeon Korobkov Georgiy uses in his practice the technique of plastic aesthetic operations, developed by Professor IA Vulf, - the legend and the founder of plastic surgery since 1977 of the Moscow "Institute of Beauty", a member of the Order of Medical Surgeons of Italy. The plastic surgeon Korobkov uses unique developments that are not used anywhere else. For a surgeon, the most important thing is to make a beautiful woman in such a way that no one notices the surgical intervention, and thanks to these operations you can realize your dream of youth, beauty and ideal proportions. Dr. Korobkov is the author of a number of scientific articles in the field of reconstructive and plastic surgery, which are published both in Russian publications, also in the foreign press, on Internet resources. Participates in scientific conferences. He is also an invited expert of the mass media in the field of plastic surgery.

Specializes in the following types of operations:


Facial plastic surgery:

- Facelift (SMAS-Lift);

- Lifting the Face and Neck (SMAS-Lift);

- Facelift (MACS-Lift);

-open forehead and eyebrow lifting;

-correction of forehead shape;

-endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows;

-lymphatic lifting (endoscopy);

-opening temporal lifting;

-pseudofaroplasty of upper eyelids;

-blypharoplasty of the lower eyelids;

- Circular blepharoplasty;

-Blafaroplasty with cantopexy;

-Blafaroplasty with cantoplasty;

-transconjunctival blepharoplasty;

-Cheek-Lift endotins;

- Rhinoplasty (closed, open method), septoplasty (plastic of the septum of the nose);

-plasticity of the tip of the nose;

- Secondary rhinoplasty;

-mentoplasty (chin plastic implant or osteotomy);

-oplasty (plastic of ears);

-plasticity of ear lobes;

- removal of biopolymer gel from the lips;

-distraction of fatty lumps in Bisha;

-climbing of the upper lip (bulhorn);

-Recovery of young proportions of the face (lipofilling of the succle, face);


Body plastic:

- Liposuction;

-Abdominoplasty (abdominal plastic);

- Liposuction;

-laser liposome;



Breast plastic surgery:

-increase in breast volume;

- a decrease in the volume of the breast;

- breast lift vertical;

- Breast lift circular;


Minimally invasive technologies:

-new face and neck lift;

- unique technology of reinforcement with golden threads of soft tissues of face and body;

Correction of mimic wrinkles "Botox";

-Larger lips;

-increase of cheekbones;

-correction of wrinkles by fillers.



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